A Smart Financial Decision

Health Care for Life (and Whatever Life Brings)

Today’s retirees are a different generation — they are living longer and are more active than ever before. If they are planners, they seek advice from legal and financial professionals to ensure they have made a solid plan for whatever the future brings — including the rising cost of health care.

For today’s retirees, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are a smart financial decision. CCRCs provide guaranteed access to health care within the community by caring professionals they know and trust. Residents can be confident they are getting high-quality care at a greatly reduced price. Additionally, some refundable CCRC contracts offer asset preservation. The entrance fee and monthly fee may also be tax-deductible.

You see, we love this stuff — nothing gets us more fired up than explaining CCRCs to a new audience.

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John Prochilo, Trustee

When part of a system, individual communities can focus on serving the residents while the group takes care of all the issues involved with strategy, strengthening and sustaining the system, providing resources that the individual communities may not be able to afford on their own.

An Industry Leader Since 1994

RiverWoods Group has earned an excellent reputation for leadership in the CCRC community. Throughout the last 25 years, we’ve maintained a history of consistently strong financial performance. The organization continues to grow thoughtfully and maintain strong occupancy while consistently outperforming industry benchmarks.

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A Road Map for Evaluating a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Financial and Tax Advantages

Becoming a resident of a CCRC may present worthwhile tax and financial advantages.

Refundable Contract

In a world where long-term care costs are continually increasing, CCRCs can provide asset preservation and financial security. Many CCRC contracts refund a portion of the original entrance fee  (50%, 80% or 90%) to the resident’s estate or designee.

Pre-Paid Medical Expenses

A portion of the one-time entrance fee may be deducted on a federal tax return as a prepaid medical expense. A portion of the monthly service fee may also be deductible. Be sure to check with tax advisors or financial professionals for more specific details.

The Longevity Revolution Fast Facts

  • Older women are twice as likely to live alone as older men.
  • 70% of people over the age of 65 will need long-term care at some point in their life.
  • 32% of adults 85 and older have Alzheimer’s, at an estimated cost of $350,000/year.
  • 58% of adults underestimate nursing home costs. 31% underestimate the cost of assisted living.
  • 9 million Americans provide unpaid care to someone with Alzheimer’s, providing 18.2 billion hours of assistance, an equivalent value of $230.1 Billion.

Justine Vogel, CEO

We are relentless about improving and being better every day – whether it’s how we serve our residents, the number of residents we serve, or the opportunities we are providing our staff to continue to learn and grow. As an organization, we’re not done. We’re never done.

Financial FAQs

  • What Health Care Services are offered at your communities?

    At a RiverWoods Group community, you benefit from living within a vibrant and active senior living community and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a plan, no matter what your future health care needs may be. Join us as an independent resident, and if your needs change in the future, you are able to receive Assisted Living, Memory Support, or Nursing Care within the same community, cared for by staff you know and trust.

    When or if you ever need help with the activities of daily living, we’ll design a personalized plan to help you live life to its fullest — within the same community while maintaining your privacy and your highest level of independence.

    Sometimes, all it takes is one patch of ice, one missed step or one minor fall, and your entire life can be thrown into discord for months. A routine hip surgery or knee replacement becomes a significant lifestyle struggle. Be assured that rehabilitative care is here, when or if you ever need it.

    See what kind of Supportive Living options each RiverWoods Group Community has to offer:

  • Are your financials available for viewing?

    Our audited financials and annual reports may be viewed and downloaded here.

  • What are the tax advantages of moving to a RiverWoods Group Community?

    There are many financial implications to consider before moving to a CCRC. Becoming a resident at a RiverWoods Group community may present worthwhile tax and financial advantages.

    Pre-Paid Medical Expenses
    A portion of the one-time entrance fee may be included on federal tax return as a prepaid medical expense. A portion of the monthly service fee may also be deducted (typically 30% to 40%).

    RiverWoods engages an outside expert each year to calculate the specific amount of the monthly service fees and entrance fees that are deductible as a medical expense on federal tax returns that year. The expert reviews applicable regulations and rulings in compiling their analysis.

    New Hampshire’s Tax Advantage

    New Hampshire is one of the most attractive states to retire in, due to an appealing tax profile:

    • No general sales tax.
    • No state income tax.
    • No state estate tax.
    • No capital gains tax.
    • Lowest tax burden of any New England state.
    • In the Top 10 of Lowest Tax States in the US. (www.taxfoundation.org)
  • What types of activities are offered?

    Life at a RiverWoods Group Community brings every resident the opportunity to make new friends who share your common interests. From organized outings to casual gatherings over shared interests, there’s always something going on and something fun to do at each of our vibrant communities.

    Typical outings might be to restaurants, museums, trips to Boston, downtown Manchester, Portland, the Seacoast, a historical tour, or perhaps a sporting venue. Available activities on our campuses include fitness classes, concerts, socials, duplicate bridge, art or pottery classes, working in the woodshop, music recitals, volunteering,  or attending a lecture taught by a resident.

    Our communities are created by residents for residents! If you have an interest, we’ll help you find an outlet.

    Click here for more information on our activities and social opportunities at RiverWoods Exeter.

    Click here for more information on the active and vibrant community at RiverWoods Manchester.

    Click here for more information on the exciting, new community forming at RiverWoods Durham.

  • What amenities are available to residents at your communities?

    Each RiverWoods community is unique but one thing they have in common is an active and carefree lifestyle without the hassles of housekeeping or home-maintenance. On every RiverWoods Group campus you will find:

    • Vibrant Activities and Social Opportunities 
    • Dining Options
    • Underground and Covered Parking
    • Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Services
    • Snow Removal
    • Pet-Friendly Living 
    • Wellness Clinic 
    • Salon Services
    • Guest Accommodations 
    • Gardening Opportunities

    For more information on the amenities available at each community, please visit RiverWoods Exeter, RiverWoods Durham, RiverWoods Manchester.