Our Philosophy

Life-Expanding Communities that Change Expectations of Aging For the Better

From a kitchen-table idea to the largest family of  not-for-profit CCRCs in New Hampshire, for the last 25 years, RiverWoods has been driven by a responsibility to actively seek creative, innovative ways to improve the experience of aging.

We remain true to our founders’ original vision by offering continuing care to adults in resident-driven communities abundant in physical, social, academic, and cultural opportunities.

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RiverWoods Group: Purpose and Commitments

Thinking Differently

Everybody Matters. Our residents know they matter – people who want to be engaged, who want to be active citizens of our community, are drawn to the RiverWoods Way of Life.

Inclusive Thinking. We believe the best idea wins the day, no matter where it comes from. We co-create community with our residents and welcome diverse opinions. Inclusivity, diversity, challenge — this is how we come up with solutions to problems that don’t yet exist.

Persistence. We follow in the footsteps of our founders who wouldn’t let go of an idea, despite extraordinary obstacles, because they believed it was the right thing. When we hear a good idea, we don’t let go – even if we don’t know how to get it done. We know together, we’ll figure it out.

Forward Focused. We get fired up thinking about the future. We never stop pondering how to bring this way of life to more people in different ways, or how to exceed expectations for a generation of residents who aren’t even thinking, yet, about their future health care needs.

Our job is to help people understand the full scope of opportunity.

It’s important to understand the whole array of options and make a proactive, informed decision. I never want anyone to think “I wish I’d known that was an option.”

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