RiverWoods Group at a Glance

We’re transforming expectations of aging for the better.

Thanks to advances in diet, nutrition, and health care, we are living longer than ever before. But, with longer lives come additional health care needs and a greater demand for long-term care. Families are more far-flung than in previous generations, and we don’t have the same opportunities to live with or care for family that we used to. This longevity revolution also brings concerns later in life over potential isolation, lack of independence, and fewer opportunities for social and emotional engagement.

Our essential mission has not changed since it was crafted by our founders over 25 years ago: to provide community and peace of mind to adults in their retirement years. The vision of these two Seacoast-area women began as a single community in Exeter, New Hampshire, and has grown into the largest family of CCRC’s in Northern New England. This willingness to continually evolve, to seek solutions for problems that don’t yet exist, has allowed us to become what we are today: a strong, motivated, innovative family of communities working together, honoring our past, and evolving into our future.

The RiverWoods Group was formed in 2012 as the parent company for RiverWoods Exeter. Today, our family and communities include RiverWoods Exeter, RiverWoods Manchester, and RiverWoods Durham. The goal of the RiverWoods Group is to focus on future growth and innovative ways to fulfill our founders’ vision.

Our Philosophy

Honoring our past while investing in and evolving our future path.

Our Philosophy

RiverWoods Group of Communities

We provide community and peace of mind in our resident-driven retirement communities, each abundant in physical, social, academic, and cultural opportunities.

RiverWoods Exeter, RiverWoods Manchester & RiverWoods Durham

Welcome to the Family!

RiverWoods Group Leadership

We’ve assembled an extraordinary group of leaders from a diverse set of backgrounds with, collectively, over 12 decades of experience in health care and retirement services.

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We Wrote the Book on Continuing Care Retirement Communities

We are passionate about educating people about the CCRC industry, so much so that we wrote a guide book that can be used from coast-to-coast, by individuals as well as financial or legal advisors. This 26-page workbook answers practical questions and provides handy references for those interested in learning more about how to choose a CCRC.

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